All your memorable moments on a single Timeline.

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An online album that will stay with you forever.

Thanks to LifeStory, you have all your life experiences in one place. You can’t put photos neatly together in one application.

At LifeStory, we solve this with a simple Timeline, where you can find all your experiences and activities. You can assign everything to a group of people with whom you experienced everything and want to share the photos with.

No need to download data.

Everything you’ve uploaded to the app together will stay in it. Photos uploaded by you and friends. Photos on Timeline will be immediately available, so you don’t have to download them to your phone.

Check under custom content. You decide who has access to the photos.

Create an event and tag the person who was there and wants to have the photos you took with them. He gets a notification from LifeStory to join the event and instantly becomes part of all the experiences you’ve had together.

All experiences finally in one place.

Finally, save your photos in one place where they will be safe and always quick and easy to find. Whether you want to upload photos from vacations, family celebrations, or create a life album for your child, the LifeStory app has a solution for everyone.

All saved photos without quality loss.

The photos you save to LifeStory will retain the quality in which you took them.

Uploading photos is really fast.

Uploading photos from when you didn’t have LifeStory is very easy. While creating an event, you enter the date when the event happened and LifeStory will immediately offer you the photos you took on that date. You don’t have to search for photos for a long time, but you immediately have an offer from which you just have to choose.

Regular notifications will remind you to upload photos from your experiences.

If you happen to forget to upload some photos to LifeStory, the application will remind you after a certain time and offer you which photos to upload to keep your album up to date.

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